Our work and travel interests have taken us around the world. We wanted to share our experiences about the places we have visited. Globalink is the main reason we have been able to visit various places. Globalink’s Network has grown to reach various and diverse parts of the world. The world indeed has become a smaller place. With IP Communication, we are able to connect our data centers and Points of Presence around the world.

My background is in Information Technology. I have worked with Microsoft Servers and Cisco Routers in the early days of the internet. I enjoy connecting people to the Cloud. So my latest project is setting up Secure Cloud Hosted VoIP Services for internationals around the world.  I enjoy working with IP communication as an extension to my existing work experience in Local Area Networks and Wide Area Networks. Voice Over IP (VoIP) is revolutionizing the way Globalink Inc. is connecting customers across the world.

Specialties: My Information Technology background is complemented with my Masters in Business Administration with emphasis in international business.