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Sunset Gold Coast Malaysia
Sunset Gold Coast Malaysia

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We are the kind of travelers who like to really explore each place and find the best places to visit.  Maybe it’s the place with the best views for great photos, or maybe it’s the place that’s the most fun. Or maybe you need to know where to get the best deal on souvenirs. For each place that we have visited or will be visiting, we will give you our best advice.  We hope that your family will enjoy your trips as much as we have.  We hope that our tips will help you have a more successful trip with your family.

Just in case you wanted to know a little bit more about who we are at Travel Explorer USA, we decided to include a little bit of information about each of us.  If you don’t like clicking for information, here is the short version.  We are a family made up of a tech expert and a person who specializes in writing and marketing. We will let you know what our pre-trip research indicated, as well as what the reality was when we got there.

Our kids will be adding some of their photos and videos soon, as well, and we will update with their information. For now, we prefer to keep their information more private.

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