Golden Gate Bridge California USA

Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco California USA
Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco California USA

If you ask most people to list one thing that they know about San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge would be at the top of the list. The problem is that when you drive across it, you really don’t get a great view of it.  You can take photos at the park by the entrance, but that may not be what you are looking for if you want great photos.

Where do you go if you want to get the nice view from the photo above?  Baker Beach is the place.   And as a bonus, you get to hang out at the beach for awhile. We had a wonderful time there, watching the kids enjoy the waves and taking photos. The water was too cold to swim when we were there in June, but it was a great place for a nice walk along the beach.  Watching my kids enjoy playing with the waves coming in, I couldn’t help but think of Frank Sinatra singing “I left my heart in San Francisco”.  The photo below is how I remember that day.  And we also got some good photos of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Family Beach
Baker Beach, San Francisco


To give you some idea of the different views of the Golden Gate Bridge, see the photos below.  The first one is the view from the small park right by the bridge. The second shows how much more of the bridge is visible from Baker Beach.

Golden Gate Bridge
View of Golden Gate Bridge from park with Lonely Sailor Statue
Golden Gate Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge as viewed from Baker Beach
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