St. Louis Gateway Arch Missouri USA

To be honest, when we visited the Gateway Arch in St. Louis a few years ago, we were not able to see the museum.  It was closed for renovation, so all we got to do was get a closeup view of the outside of…

Pacific Coast Highway California USA

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Great Smoky Mountains National Park USA

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Rocky Mountain National Park USA

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Golden Gate Bridge California USA

If you ask most people to list one thing that they know about San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge would be at the top of the list. The problem is that when you drive across it, you really don’t get a great view of…

Puget Sound Seattle Washington USA

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Statue of Liberty New York USA

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Grand Teton National Park

The view from Jackson Lake Lodge is spectacular. This is a must see spot on your trip to the Grand Teton! You can take a break and have a yummy meal at this beautiful Lodge. There are clean restrooms and places to shop and…

Yellowstone National Park USA

This is the mother of all National Parks! It is amazing how many wonders you can find in this Park! Everything from wild life, amazing waterfalls, spectacular scenery to other-worldly geothermal wonders! There is a lot to cover and see, as this park is…

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